Monday, February 17

Inside their heads...

So I'm sitting there finishing up my lunch and Savannah kind of chuckles to herself.
So I say, "what is it?"
She says, "well I was just imagining when I'm 18 and Hunter is 17 and we're texting each other. Hunter will text me a joke and I will text back lol or rofl. Then I'll get a text from Dawson at the same time and I'll text him back that I'm texting with Hunter right now. "
Whew,  that girl is so enamored with getting her own phone so she can text, that she's daydreaming about it!

Thursday, June 6

7 month olds aren't supposed to be this mobile....are they?

Gwen is 7 months old.
And she has been learning things in leaps and bounds! She can crawl anywhere. She pulls herself up on chairs, people, couches....and then can walk along them.
Now if we could just get her a tooth or two! Oh and speaking of which, she loves to eat, baby food AND real food. She loves to feed herself. She downed a banana muffin the other day in no time!

 I remember when the things on the coffee table were safe until they were like 10 months old! Sheesh.

Well, at least she keeps me from slacking on picking up the house and vacuuming!

Friday, May 17

Saying good-bye

 We have brought home each of our dear babies from the hospital and put them into the same cradle. 
It actually belongs to my parents, but they've let most of the grand kids use it.
My mom is who sewed the bumper, sheet and blanket for the crib. It has tiny pink and yellow stripes in the blue and white checked pattern. Perfect for girls or boys.

2002 - Savannah our first-born, that changed our lives forever. She was brought home and laid in the cradle in tiny pink overalls.

 2003 - Hunter, our first son (and a big one at 10 lb.)
A Summer baby, therefore he was put in the cradle 2 days after his birth in just a onesie.

 2006 - Dawson, our third. He had the cutest little blue and white checkered outfit to wear home that hot August day.
 2009 - Ella, the perfectly chubby little (9lb. 14oz.) bundle of pink. Since she's our December baby, she was dressed warm and cuddly. It was good to see pink in the cradle again.

 2012 - Gwendolyn Joy, our last. Our last time to lay our newborn in this cradle.

 Today we say goodbye.
Tim puts away the cradle for the last time.
No more babies sleeping at the foot of my bed.
No more babies brought home from the hospital to be lain down to sleep.
I'm okay with this fact. It's still a bitter-sweet time of memories, as I move into a new stage in my life.

Wednesday, May 15

Savannah Banana

Savannah wrote this as her first attempt at a character sketch:

My mother, the 4th born. She has beautiful, bright blue eyes. Her hair is a dirty blonde. She is a wonderful cook. Firm, but fair. She helps us when we need her. She kisses us goodnight. She's awesome and there could be no better mom.

Just warmed my heart. :-)

I can hardly believe that Savannah, my first born; my wonderful, thoughtful child, is leaving elementary school and entering the 6th grade! Tomorrow she will finish up 5th grade!

So for my own little sketch:

S - smart
A - athletic
V - valiant
A - able
N - nice
N - nosey
A - achiever
H - helping

Saturday, April 6

5 months and finally some Joy

So our little Gwendolyn Joy really didn't give us much joy the first few months of her life. But thankfully she has turned into such a happy, content baby! Now we are completely enthralled with her and immensely enjoying her.

Gwen (as of yesterday) is 5 months old!

5 things Gwen can do:
1. sit up by herself (and if she does fall over, she kind of does a roll move so she always ends up on her tummy and hands)
2. She can roll from her front to back & vica versa,
3. Can scoot backwards on her tummy as well as get up on all 4's and get her toes in the carpet to lunch forward.
4. She sleeps about 11 hours a night.
5. She arches her back when put in her carseat

 I've also included 5 pictures for this post.

Enjoy! (We are)

I do want to send kudos out to my great boy, Hunter, for being an incredible goofball to generate these beautiful smiles.